Pride and Prejudice... Who Needs Them Anyway

on Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The underlying message of the rather…well, queer events of the last couple of weeks seems to be to stay alert for synchronicities. For the uninitiated, synchronicities are either intuitions or mysterious coincidences that appear ever so subtly to lead one on their life’s path. The last few weeks have provided points of reference that will allow me to stay in sync. (And that is how we convert energy and gain experienceJ.)

So following the sync, I found an insight whose time had come. And it’s this – A person needs to deal with their insecurities themselves. And often, its ok to admit that there’s nothing I can do to help them.

I recently discovered the root of years of sarcasm by ‘someone’ (like always I use vagueness to protect sentiments). It made me look back at others with insecurities including, at times, myself.

And there is one conclusion to be drawn - All the humility in the world cannot conquer another person’s inferiority. Nor can any amount of class suppress another’s superiority. The wise thing to do is to step out of the game (leave the drama to the soaps… puhleez!).

This can only be done when one is not tending towards either humility or pride. Really they have no meaning but for canceling each other out. So where there is no pride, there is no need for humility. And when one doesn’t feel small in anyway there is certainly no need to prove (or improve) oneself.

It’s a sigh of relief to be able to see these things. Perspective allows you to step out of the frame and view the picture from outside. That’s a precious kind of freedom.