Just add hot water!

on Thursday, June 12, 2008

"The way a man plays a game shows some of his character. The way he loses shows all of it."
This week I had to muster some forgiveness for someone who didn’t necessarily see things the way I did and refused to show compassion and generosity in a situation where it would cost him nothing (above quote because I thought that this person was a sore looser).

For those of us who hold lofty ideals for the world, narrow mindedness is a slap in the face – a reality check.

It is also an exercise in being non-judgmental; for if I refuse to see things from the perspective of this person, wouldn’t that make me narrow minded myself.
"We should be too big to take offense and too noble to give it." ~ Abraham Lincoln
And was it Eleanor Roosevelt who said something about being like a tea bag – showing strength in hot water?

This blog was once called ‘Tea Leaves ‘n’ Honey’ because I would write my thoughts as gathered over a morning cuppa.

ER’s quote, however, gives it a new meaning.

P.S. Here’s the tea ritual I indulge in every morn:
  • Rinse my (beloved) ceramic kettle. * Fill it with water (and occasionally add some chopped ginger). Gaze out of the window at the horizon while it comes to a boil
  • Add a teaspoon of tea leaves and let it stand for a minute (another opportunity for horizon gazing)
  • Strain into mug
  • Add two spoonfuls of honey
  • Stir
  • Savour and drift away into the horizon and beyond