on Saturday, April 05, 2008

“Yoon milay ki mulakat ho na saki,
Honth kaampey magar baat ho na saki”
As I stand at yet another crossroads of my life, I allow myself to dream. I even go so far as to believe in that dream and then… I wake up to reality!

“Don’t do that…” my soul sister cries, “You’re my hero!”

“Well”, I think to myself, “then I must be a hero whose time hasn’t come”

And yet, the more I play with the idea, the less it feels like a sell out. For some reason, I’m being asked to discover my grounding right here where I am. To find my true self and express it no matter what. To connect with my highest truth and to channel into the earth’s current vibration. That my time to contribute is now and the place (unlike how I or anyone who’s known me imagined it) is right here. My truest learning now will be to overcome judgment. Esp. that in my own head.

And my strength is not in following my imagination, anyway – it is in trusting my inner voice. And this is what my inner voice says right now. It feels right.