Status : Away

on Thursday, May 10, 2007

Those of you, my beloved readers who have missed me, despair no more, for I shall return to action. I am simply deep into one of my frequent hibernation rituals.

Like I say (or did I hear it somewhere?) – There is a time for action and there is a time for in(ner) action.

“When the tide is in, ride the wave,
When the tide is out, collect the shells.”

So inner churnings have kept me occupied these last few days. Of course, there were exams too but, if you know me, that is usually reason to write even more.

Also, the last couple of weeks have been spent away from home (no, not on holiday). And now just as I was beginning to get settled (enough to write this post), its time to go back home again. Sometimes we are put in a box with people so that we learn to love them. And when we do learn, we are separated so that we learn detachment. Ah! The delicate balance…

But then again, the human process is about finding, losing, and re-finding that very balance. Once we’re masters of the process we would transcend beyond human existence. So I guess, might as well enjoy the ride while we’re in it.

This blog would certainly do well with some fresh energy. I’ve been thinking of changing its look for sometime now. So in that sense, as my own being is refreshed by the end of this hibernation, you will find a reflection of that change on this blog too.

There’s no time line as the ritual works purely on reflex. You’ll probably know that the chrysalis effect is complete when you witness me emerge from my cocoon.

Until then, I’ll have you know that my status is ‘Away’.