Final Exams - An End and A Beginning

on Friday, April 20, 2007

Exams start tomorrow - Final exams. No, not just year end or course end exams – post graduation exams; this may well be the end of academics as I’ve known it…Phew!

It’s been happy at times and sad, hurtful, anxious and even traumatic at several occasions. But more than anything, the last 25 years have been educational. (No, not talking about studies here, learning has been a completely different chapter of my life.)

Don’t get me wrong, though. I mean not to complain, just reminisce. I chose the experience – and I’m proud of how much I’ve gathered. Memories make a priceless treasure chest.

It’s been poignant, anyway… Skinned our hearts and skinned our knees, like the song goes.

My friend, the Kooks, kept asking me, “Are these the last exams of your life?”

I don’t know why these little things matter so much to her. (Because I really didn’t have the answer I just replied, “I guess I’ll know that only at the end of my life.”)

Academics might just end here. Exams of life – Now, that’s another story altogether…

I look forward to a new phase and as I approach a threshold of my life, the past slowly falls away and I can already glimpse the new world I’m poised to step into. It will be a new beginning.

Sure I don’t feel like studying for these exams and am stalling it as much as possible, surfing my fave sites and doing random bits of housework (even taking a nap). Heck, I’d stall even if I did feel like studying – why ruin the tradition of a long and very arduous 25 year journey?