A Simple Meditation

on Saturday, March 10, 2007

Try this meditation…

Sit in a comfortable and quiet place. Assume a relaxed position with your lower back supported. This exercise is best done on an empty stomach, empty bowels and following mild exercise (yogic or any other).

Begin with a silent prayer to God Almighty. Relax all your muscles and entrust God with anything that may be on your mind.

Start by centering yourself either by the practice of Anulom Vilom Pranayama or by invoking Reiki or simply by following the natural breathing pattern with awareness.

When you feel centered and still, begin by taking your awareness to the inside of your body. Visualize the inside of the body as a vast empty space. In order to still the mind you can visualize a candle flame or a feather gently falling or create any other peaceful image inside this inner space.

Now, take your awareness to the centre of your pelvic cavity – the pit of your stomach. This is the sacral chakra or the lunar plexus. If you wish, say a silent prayer to the moon. The sacral chakra holds our feelings and intuitions. Give thanks to your sacral chakra. Observe this chakra for as long as you wish.

Observe the rest of the body and be open to what may emerge from this vast universe inside you. Hidden feelings or wisdom? Healing whose time has come? A long lost memory? Or just a quiet stillness…

Allow the experience to flow without resistance or judgment. If you have an unexpected memory or vision, allow it to play out its full course (like a movie) without resisting anything. Trust your inner wisdom and give thanks to the experience regardless of weather it was pleasant or unpleasant.

If you are not sure what to do with your visions or feelings, silently ask God to guide you. Then allow your mind to grow still once again. Usually, the guidance will spontaneously pop into the mind. Go with the flow and give thanks for the experiences.

Ask God to keep you nourished and protected in every way.

Prayerfully invoke the violet flame to burn up and transform any emotional or spiritual garbage that you find. Ask the violet flame to cleanse any vibrations that you may have picked up that aren’t really yours. The violet flame also purifies us by resolving all karma.

With a prayer, you can also invoke the violet flame for another person if you wish. Work in the direction of God’s will and have faith.

Allow the purifying violet flame to work as long as you wish. Visualize a sparkling clean inner self.

Give thanks.

Visualize a protective pillar of light descending around you and ask that you remain pure and protected in every way.

At any time, allow your experience to guide you.

When you feel complete, emerge slowly from this deep state by moving your fingers and toes. Gently opening the eyes, take your awareness simultaneously to the inner stillness and to your surroundings.

Finally, as you emerge from the deep awareness, give thanks to the room and to all your surroundings.

N.B. The violet flame is a powerful blessing that can be invoked by anyone. It deeply purifies our being in every way – emotionally, spiritually and karmically – even physically.

When working with powerful energies it is always advisable invoke a white shield that protects from outside influences.